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BRS-AWD DRIVE 1.3 (Hardware kit ONLY)

BRS-AWD DRIVE 1.3 (Hardware kit ONLY)

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-AWD mod to add ANY Vcore version an easy and reliable AWD configuration

- Drive are mounted on a damper system, reducing noise. Pulleys secured with Abec-5/7 bearing for an increased lifespan

- Easy assembly, no modifications of the Frame needed, no need of Enclosure modifications. Require at least 30-60mm more belt lenght

This is the HARDWARE kit Only (No printed parts)

It includes the following elements:

Pulleys are sourced either from Genuines Gates, or the high concentricity Kis3D black ones

Bearings are HQ Abec-7 for longevity, Shoulderbolts featured a high dimension accuracy, and high quality/concentric Disc Couplers to match a perfect motion.

- COMPATIBLE WITH: Vcore 3.0, Vcore 3.1, 200mm 30t0mm 400mm 500mm and more, Opened or closed front, Enclosure 1.0 (VC3.0), Extended Enclosure 2.0 (V3.1), Stock Z leadsrews, MBFS Ventermech, BRS Ballscrews Z-upgrade 1.0 and 2.0 with SFU1204 and 1605 (incoming) works better with the L3VER M2, compatible with any versions of the L3ver M1 and M2


Bearing and Pulleys have 1mm variation on position between the VC3.0 and VC3.1 version to perfectly align the 3.0/3.1 belt path variations


-Manual Incoming soon on

-BOM available on

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