• Reliability

    Only made of high quality hardware with a quality build assembly made at BRS-ENGINEERING. Aluminium brushed plates, Blind joined frame

  • Production focused

    Ballscrews set to gain repetability, low maintenance, and high precision. 0.6mm Tungsten carbide nozzle for optimal polyvalence. All metal build for the toolhead, PA12CF parts for durability

  • Performance oriented

    BRS-AWD, +-13000mm*s² of acceleration, Vz extruder + Goliath hotend.

What is inside this machine?


-VZ F3D carriage

-Mellow Goliath Hotend

-Dual Mellow VZ extruder for heavy 8Kg spools

-Moons Nema

-Custom Duct

-Mellow CPAP unit


-RATRIG 3030 extrusions

-Spannsystem Custom Bed plate

-Optical endstops

-John Steel aluminium custom plates

-750mm 1605 ballscrew

-Gates GT2 belt 9m

-PA12CF15 Fiberlogy Parts set

-Keenovo 600W x4

-Clinko 16A connector

-LDO-42STH48-2504AC x4

-LDO-57STH56 x3

Purchasable Mods

-Z-Upgrade 2.0



-CPAP Enclosure

-VZ Joiners


-BTT Manta M8p V2

-TMC 2209 24V

-CMA 8go Emmc 32

-350W Meanwell PSU

Bed assembly

Here we start with the bed adaptation, made by SpannSystem in Austria, a 10mm Alu casted bed 635x635mm with embedded magnets, surfaced to a high precision flatness. I choosed 4 silicone heater mat from Keenovo, 600 W each linked in parallel

SpannSysteme Shop
  • Then came the insulation of this 2400W bed, to be as energy efficient as possible? A thermal silicone potting first...

  • .. then a full alu-foam cover

  • Some PEI tape to close the system. Here can be seen the addition of a full grounded harness capable of handling 16A + the bed thermistance

Frame Assembly

Like the previous Vulcain prototype, I used 30x30 alumium extrusion with a blind join mounting, giving me a quick and effective squareness. Everything is then reinforced with hiden corners, small corners, and the 2x 3mm aluminium plates at 90° add a tremendous stiffness. Note here that found to 40x40 or 30x60 could be a better idea to further increase the overall stiffness along Z

  • Frame base

  • Countersunk drilling

Z-Upgrade v2.5 assembly

For this buil a small variation of the Z-Upgrade has been done, since the bed is 18Kg almost; Pin majoration from 3mm to 4mm, Reinforced middle rings. The Oldham mechanism her is capable to withstanc 2.4mm of variation, and as the other Z-Upgrade variation, completly supress any wobbling potential

Z-Upgrade 2.0
  • AWD inclusion

  • NEMA 23 is used for Z to counter any drawback of low maintening torque when motors are off

BRS-AWD 1.35a

AWD make sense here since we want to have a good acceleration and relay over the belt lenghts

AWD drives
  • Last patch here, a reinforced mount to add stifness over the assembly

Gantry, Toolhead, harness

The choice was obvious here: a Vz extruder + Goliath + Vz Carriage over an aluminium tube. The only difficulty was to handle a long harness, with cables, and CPAP Tube.

  • A long distance to cover

  • I use retractable wires (2) to hold the harness in a correct way to fold itself on motions without hiting anything

Assembly ends

Once everything has been finished, time to close the assembly of this machine for the first tests

  • Wiring done (electronic bay will not be detailed here)

  • Screen integration

  • Led Integration, first power On

  • X

    Some of the artifacts are mainly due to the ADXL345 position. Even if the place wasn't the best, it fits the toolhead and provide a correct reading. As far as it is, I'm OK with those results, considering the 12600 value is quite insane on a 600 machine. Thanks to the AWD.

  • Y

    Clear unspreaded spike